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Did they incorporate the live-action and SFX together in G-savior? I'm
curious, since from what I've seen of Giren's Greed, they have some pretty
good CG mobile suits.
 I think the Japanese and the British are pretty much level when it comes to
Special Effects. I mean, Walking with Dinosaurs had good SFX,but then again
it took over four years to do,and British TV sci-fi still uses as many
rubber monsters as the Japanese do.
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> Chris Maier wrote:
> > I really would'nt say that the Japanese are bad at FX at all. Look at
> > Fantasy:The Movie as well as Final Fantasy 8 and the upcoming 9-it's
> > how real some of the characters look. Especially at the ending for Final
> > Fantasy 8(With the video camera zooming around) really good stuff. Plus
> > are pretty good with putting CG elements into anime(Just look at Cowboy
> > Bebop, especially Episodes 9 to 10). Was Char's Counterattack the first
> > anime movie to feature CG?
> >
> You've got one example that's still not even finished and it's all cg. I
> thought we were talking about a live action movie. That would mean live
> action/cg composites ala "5th Element" or "Starship Troopers". There are
> film quality examples of that from Japanese companies. They're very
> inexperienced there. I have friends that are working or have worked on
> Final Fantasy movie and half of them wonder if it will ever get made with
> lack of organization they have had to deal with. It was supposed to be
done by
> now but it won't be done until probably next year, maybe later. All cg
> count, anyways. That's like "A Bug's Life" or "Toy Story". It has its
> look but it still looks cg. Final Fantasy will look great but it won't
> real. Putting cg elements into traditional animation, like in "Ghost In
> Shell" isn't live action, either. You can get away with a lot of unique
> there that have nothing to do with being photoreal, since animated cells
> photoreal to begin with.
> If Bandai wants a live action/cg movie about Gundam they'd better bring
the fx
> work over here. They should definitely *not* hire the writers we've got
> here butchering everything in sight, though.
> Alfred.
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