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However, with Gundam starting to get sucess here, Bandai might make Gundam
productions to appeal to us, such as the speculated about remake, or even a
new Wing-based series. It would'nt be the first time the Japanese have made
an anime sequel series targeted at more of an American audience...take Sol
Bianca 2, Street Fighter Zero and Bubblegum Crisis 2040. Although they were
animated by the Japanese, for Sol Bianca and BCG, the OAVs were more
sucessful here than in Japan, hence their being targeted for American
viewers although they were still shown in Japan. Also, since Pioneer/AIC are
huge companies, they also managed to sneak some American funding into those
series as well. Since they were still animated in Japan and shown to
Japanese viewers, however, I would'nt call them Japanese/American
collaborations along the lines of Thundercats or Silverhawks.
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> << I'm been it true that as Mark Simmons(I think) stated in, that the franchise has run out of steam? I personally don't think
so...since Gundam is a huge cultural icon, apparentally(Like Star Wars here
in the US) I don't think it would be easy to just stop making them. >>
> I don't think anyone is advocating that they don't make any more Gundam,
its just that maybe we all need a breather. Look at the STAR TREK franchise,
I definitely feel that it needs some R&R for a while. Since TNG premiered,
there has been a Trek show on the air for the last 13 years.
> I think a break of a year or two would be good for the franchise. In the
meantime, Bandai can get busy on all those HGUC, FG, MG and PG kits they
need to put out. I don't think Big "B" is going to be hurting for money.
> Tom
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