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Chris Maier wrote:

> I really would'nt say that the Japanese are bad at FX at all. Look at Final
> Fantasy:The Movie as well as Final Fantasy 8 and the upcoming 9-it's amazing
> how real some of the characters look. Especially at the ending for Final
> Fantasy 8(With the video camera zooming around) really good stuff. Plus they
> are pretty good with putting CG elements into anime(Just look at Cowboy
> Bebop, especially Episodes 9 to 10). Was Char's Counterattack the first
> anime movie to feature CG?

You've got one example that's still not even finished and it's all cg. I
thought we were talking about a live action movie. That would mean live
action/cg composites ala "5th Element" or "Starship Troopers". There are no
film quality examples of that from Japanese companies. They're very
inexperienced there. I have friends that are working or have worked on the
Final Fantasy movie and half of them wonder if it will ever get made with the
lack of organization they have had to deal with. It was supposed to be done by
now but it won't be done until probably next year, maybe later. All cg doesn't
count, anyways. That's like "A Bug's Life" or "Toy Story". It has its own
look but it still looks cg. Final Fantasy will look great but it won't look
real. Putting cg elements into traditional animation, like in "Ghost In The
Shell" isn't live action, either. You can get away with a lot of unique looks
there that have nothing to do with being photoreal, since animated cells aren't
photoreal to begin with.

If Bandai wants a live action/cg movie about Gundam they'd better bring the fx
work over here. They should definitely *not* hire the writers we've got over
here butchering everything in sight, though.


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