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<< There are alot better designers than syd mead here that could improve Gundam. I would love to see some European guys have a go at it. Id LOVE to see a Juan Gimenez and/or Moebius interpretation of a Gundam. Both of those artists could give more character and style to the aging franchise..Lets face it , the designs havent been great since CCA of all the mecha.. Sure weve gotten some good designs in the 90s, but the art direction has taken turn(sorry for the pun) for the worse overall.. Having Kunio stay as the main Gundam design supervisor is not a good way to give the series freshness. Id like to see Yutaka Izubuchi become the
mecha design supervisor on the next show.>>

I second the vote for Izubuchi, you can't beat those 0080 retcons. Katoki would be another great choice. I vote against foreign designers, I think Syd Mead showed that his style doesn't work everywhere, especially in anime mech design. When I first saw the Turn-A, I went "THAT'S (supposed to be) a Gundam?!?!?!"

I would really like to see Yasuhiko come back and do another series.


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