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<< I dont know.. Bandai makes a good billion a year on kit sales alone.. (5th largest entertainment co. in the world)Thats mostly Japan.. I think they could invest 50
-100 million on a live action Gundam series.. I think a good one could be done.. But I think it would have to be an Alternative continuity.>>

If its not going to be done right, it shouldn't be done at all.

<<I think it would be great if JMS (I cant seem to spell him right) couuld write and plot the series.>>

JMS has said that he's "not into anime", Well, he certainly needs the work now, doesn't he so he'd probably bite, if it were offered to him. I don't think it would work, because his ego would never submit to the constraints of the Gundam continuity.

<<Lets face it, he's done it before, and did it well too...>>

You obviously didn't see the fifth season of B5 or River of Souls.


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