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lemon wrote:

> Brett Jensen wrote:
> >
> > I doubt you paid $50 for the Sol bioroid if you were gonna use it for gaming.
> >
> Actually, I paid $40 for it over 3 years ago, and if you knew how much
> WH40K stuff costs in general, you wouldn't think it was too much for an
> interesting piece like the Bioroid.

My bad. I know how it is to try to resell something that I paid too much for in the
first place. ^_^ The SB is a very rare kit too. I guess I just miss the days when
You'd ask for what you thought was a fair price and sell, rather than auctioning.

> As for the auction, like I said, I
> just thought I'd offer it to you guys first (as opposed to E-bay). I
> won't post any more about it (offers, bids, etc.), but if anyone is
> interested, free to e-mail me directly. Sorry if I struck a nerve.

Again, I'm sorry if I came off as too harsh. I'm glad this didn't start a flame
war. ^_-

---Brett "I wish I had Sol Bioroid and Flash Clapper kits" Jensen

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