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Brandon Perlow wrote:

> I dont know.. Bandai makes a good billion a year on kit sales alone.. (5th largest
> entertainment co. in the world)Thats mostly Japan.. I think they could invest 50
> -100 million on a live action Gundam series.. I think a good one could be done..
> But I think it would have to be an Alternative continuity.. I think it would be
> great if JMS (I cant seem to spell him right) couuld write and plot the series.
> Lets face it, he's done it before, and did it well too...

Bandai needs to come up with their own story (Tomino should write it or the guy(s)
who did 0080) and then they should find an American fx company to do the visuals
(otherwise you end up with the Square Hawaii take-6-years-to-do-a-2-year-project
problem). Get the brothers that directed "The Matrix", or somebody similar (knows
both Eastern and Western styles) to direct. I think this is the only way it will
work. Japanese fx companies are too far behind and Western writers suck at serious
SF right now.


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