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I watched that one 5 or 6 years ago. I seem to remember enjoying it at the
time, but last year when I rented a copy (fortunately on 49 cent tuesdays) I
couldn't make it through 20 minutes.
If you've got well done giant robots, I can forgive a lame story.
If you've got a good and engaging story, I can forgive poorly done giant
But a shitty story with annoying characters and fake looking giant robots
... In the words of Tycho Brahe (of Penny Arcade fame): Can't think. Brain
And did you know there was a sequal? Called "Robot Wars". It was even worse.
It only had a few minutes of Mech on Mech fighting at the very end, so
believe me, after sitting through all of the crap that they called a story,
you don't even get a decent payoff in the end.

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> What about that RobotJox movie? I vaguely remember a destroid like mech. >

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