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What about that RobotJox movie? I vaguely remember a destroid like mech.

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> I don't think anyone meant that America should have anything to do with
> remake of Gundam. We meant Tomino and Sunrise should do it. Where was
> a live action Fist Of The North Star? Must've been bloody.
> Jason

Oh dear god.
I watched it at a time when I was quite intoxerated at a party and _still_
we understood how bad it was. I mean bad. Not even corny bad. Not even so
bad you can laugh about it later. So bad I wanted to bring about bodily harm
on those who inflicted this tripe upon me.
I've never cared for exceedingly violent anime, I didn't really like Ninja
Scroll, and from the clips of FotNS I've seen, I certainly wouldn't like
that either ... but this movie ... it had negative plot. It actually sucked
the plot out of the next few movies I saw ...
oooh ... my brain hurts just thinking about it.
It was released in North America at some point in the past, I would have
seen it 3 or 4 years ago I guess.

Owwee =)

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