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> There are alot better designers than syd mead here that could improve Gundam.
I would love
>to see some European guys have a go at it. Id LOVE to see a Juan Gimenez and/or
>interpretation of a Gundam. Both of those artists could give more character
and style to the
>aging franchise..Lets face it , the designs havent been great since CCA of
all the mecha..
>Sure weve gotten some good designs in the 90s, but the art direction has taken
>for the pun) for the worse overall.. Having Kunio stay as the main Gundam design
>is not a good way to give the series freshness. Id like to see Yutaka Izubuchi
become the
>mecha design supervisor on the next show.

Yes, admittedly Syd Mead was not the best. Moebius would be a good idea; who
is Juan Gimenez? I haven't heard of him. Are there any links to see his work?

One other thing I would want to see is a development of the support vehicles,
battleships and other such. I loved Patlabor in that sense, since one could
see that the labors were just part of a team. Imagine if they could come up
with new, better designs for the carrier ships, or perhaps design small, agile
anti-MS battleships designed with the MS in mind.

Another interesting direction to move in is that the MS, while being the main
combat vehicle, will also be paired with other vehicle types. That, for me
was the point of the things like the Defensor and the G-armor, as well as that
G-Falcon from XX. Granted, the combining idea is a bit cheesy, but if done
correctly, it could be useful. The firepower upgrade of combining with another
unit offsets the advantage of being a nimble fighting unit; so it would have
to engage or disengage with the other vehicle unit according to battlefield

The main battleships, too, would need a logical evolution due to MS warfare
-- although the idea of a battleship that turns into an MA might be a bit too
much, unless you're looking at the psych warfare aspects, like the Psyco gundam

It would even be fun to see reload/supply ships that trail the MS units, or
even MS units that are mainly supply carriers.

That was another thing: in gundam, most MS units are deployed like ants in
the battlefield; why not deploy them as you would by specialties? The front
wave could be shock units, like specialized Gelgoogs or Doms, followed by The
Zakus -- perhaps in squads, while the MA and Xammel types or long range artillery
types like the guncannons deploy at the back. Special forces, like the dra-c
or recon zakus or Kampfer types would be used for another phase in warfare,
where information gathering or sabotage or specific-target strikes are necessary.
 You could even have command gundams be at a distance from the main battle,
coordinating while being protected by a bunch of elite guards.

When I bought my kits, I had that in mind, that they were like large squad units,
hence I came up with a squad like this:

rx79g: command unit with a short gun and a saber.
ez8: "short range" rifle unit.
gm1: Bazooka unit.
gm2: Rocket unit.
gm3: Sniper unit.
gm4: Recon unit/rifle.
gm5: hand to hand combat unit (saber anbd shield)

or something to that effect.

I also came up with another for the zeons:

two doms, two goufs, two zakus and a gelgoog.

That would be fun!
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