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>I have a friend who was in Japan a few months ago and got to see
>G-Savior through some industry connections. (Lucky) His take on it
>was that the movie played out like an episode of Seaquest DSV. The CG
>wasn't the real problem he thought, but the cheap sets, costumes,
>(actors?) were. He said the MS action was sluggish as well. The way
>he put it was... "Imagine if the makers of Star Trek: Voyager did a
>Gundam episode."
>I guess we should prepare ourselves for made-for-tv-movie quality
>when we finally get to see G-Savior. After all, I don't think Bandai
>has the resourses to do much more than that anyway.

That's a crying shame. I wanted so much to see a good live-action rendition
of gundam.
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