James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Wed, 31 May 2000 01:38:33 -0800

> > G Savior != Gundam (for those of you that don't know C or Java, != means
> > equal). There is no official link between G Savior and Gundam.. other than
> > the fact that both are made by Bandai/Sunrise, both features mechanics,
> > both are set in a time period known as U.C (although they may very well
> > be the same U.C)
> >
> > Eiji
> >

I have a friend who was in Japan a few months ago and got to see
G-Savior through some industry connections. (Lucky) His take on it
was that the movie played out like an episode of Seaquest DSV. The CG
wasn't the real problem he thought, but the cheap sets, costumes,
(actors?) were. He said the MS action was sluggish as well. The way
he put it was... "Imagine if the makers of Star Trek: Voyager did a
Gundam episode."

I guess we should prepare ourselves for made-for-tv-movie quality
when we finally get to see G-Savior. After all, I don't think Bandai
has the resourses to do much more than that anyway.


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