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>>Gundam villains features many archetype during its long history. I'll
>>some analysis of some of the characters from Gundam, 0080, 0083, Zeta, ZZ,
>>F91, Victory, Wing.
>>Mobile Suit Gundam:
>>Char Aznable: The proto-type Gundam villain. Cool, composed and
>>calculating. At first, he appears to be in the mold of the archetype mask
>>villain featured in many '70s shonen anime. But as his motive and history
>>is flushed out, the character went on to become his own archetype. He is
>>not necessary in disagreement with the ultimate goal of Giren Zabi, who is
>>simply creating a more extreme version of Zeon Zum Daikun's teaching. He
>>convinced of Zabi complicity in his father's death, and is quite patient on
>>carrying out his vengeance. There is an old Chinese saying "Ten years is
>>not too long for the gentleman's revenge", and Char's patient seemed to
>>embodied it.
>>Zechs Merquise: definately a Char clone, all the way to the "we must
>>Earth to save it" mentality at the end.
>One of the things that perpetually annoys me when I'm watching Gundam Wing,
>is how much and how often Zechs reminds me of Char. I wish they could have
>made Zechs more of a unique and independent character, and I think it is to
>the Wing series' detriment that they did not. I'm sure some Wing fans will
>say the similarities are just superficial, but I think the run quite a bit
>deeper than that.

I strongly suspect that the Wing creators deliberately emphasised the
Zechs/Char similarity, maybe to play on oldtime fans' nostalgia (remember
that his last appearance was seven years before Wing started), maybe
because they were Char fans. But I still like Zechs, even if he is a Char
clone (I like Treize better, though).

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