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>> 1.) I like the american style of storytelling. one thing about
>> gundam is that the pacing and editing is a bit too slow sometimes.
>I don't personally see how Gundam drags, unless you are one of those
>people who just cant stand to listen to dialog unless someone is
>shooting at someone else.

Not that's just that I can see the differences, and we're not talking
about simple schwarzenneger stuff. What I mean is that there is a certain way
to how western writers approach storytelling, and that is what I want to see.

>> 2.) Hard sci-fi, as in really technical...and showing solutions
>> based on science facts.
>I don't see how Hard sci-fi can even be attributed to American
>cinema. I can only think of 10 movies ever made that even come close
>to being hard science fiction, and of those I can only come up with 3
>that were directed by an American. Given this, I have a feeling that
>you mean something quite different than hard science fiction.

I want western Sci-fi...that does not necessarily mean the soft stuff I see
on TV. I want sci-fi as in written sci-fi. No warpdrives, but definitely a
good basis in written sci-fi. Agreed, gundam is very much grounded in sci-fi,
but then, I want to make it even more grounded...why not go all the way?

>> 3.) killer soundtrack as the action is happening, as in rock and
>> roll.
>Oh, yes that is exactly what Gundam really needs, Guns and Roses

LOL! I don't consider guns and roses or even using top40 songs as soundtrack
material. I mean using rock and roll format as a basis for it. Why the big
hooey about this? It has to be done with finesse, true. I didn't mean just
to plug in any rock song. I get tired of the usual Violins and choir voices
and synthesizers that one hears nowadays -- though escaflowne was brilliant
in that regard.

>> 4.) get away from the sentai characters, and go for american style
>> characterizations, involving dialogue and reversals that are not so
>> theatric.
>You mean nice understated characters like the rather normal guy in
>Lethal Weapon, or perhaps less theatrical characters like Darth
>Vader? <more sarcasm> Seriously, I don't see how anyone who has grown
>up on the pap we get shoved down our throats here in America can say
>what you're saying with a straight face.

Once again, you guys think I want the commercial stuff...NO! I've seen the
best of what america can do, and I want that, not the cheesy stuff. Sheesh.

>> 5.) gritty, realistic action -- as realistic as it can get anyway.
>The more I read the more confused I get. So far you have listed
>several elements that you maintain are staples of the American film
>diet, yet I can not come up with a single American film that fits all
>of this criteria. Could you please give us some idea what you
>consider "gritty, realistic action."

Stuff where you can see the aftermath, not just on the soldiers but on civilians
-- more f91 and v and 0080 please. And you can see the real effects of war...yeah,
teenage heroes and people who can kill a lot of others just to get to the real
enemy. sheesh! it's a great teenage fantasy, being a teenager who can pilot
a mobile suit, but if they want that, why not show also what it does to that
nice angsty teenage mind?

>> 6.) "western" editing style, cut to cuts, etc. not the panning
>> or the insertion of a screaming face stuff. explosions,
>> explosions, explosions with people jumping slow motion out of the
>> way....
>Once again I have a hard time seeing how this does not apply to
>American films just as well as it does to anime.

ever see an american film with the screen cut into two parts, with a meloframatic
screaming face and the action itself done on the other half? what about seeing
all speedlines and a guy spreadeagled in a shoot me manner before he clobbers
the enemy? or maybe hyperexaggerated shots? sorry, but I'd like a bit less
of that. because more often than not, it just heightens suspense while wasting
a lot of screen time (and perhaps adds to recyclkable animated footage).

>> basically, I don't like the dragging pace that gundam is sometimes
>> notorious for. Also, I'd like american humor in can only
>> take so much of teenagers walking into naked females.
>And I can only take so many cute catch phrases before the
>indestructible action hero delivers the final blow that causes an
>entire 10 block radius to burst into a giant gasoline fireball. Here
>is a tip, don't watch anime! Some of us are drawn to anime precisely
>because we are tired of getting beaten over the head by exactly the
>kind of mindnumbing crap that American movies are full of. If you
>want something with an mainstream American sensibility, I can assure
>you there is plenty of it out there, so could you please just
>leave Gundam out of that. I like Gundam precisely because of what it
>is, and would hate to ever see it "Americanized!"


I want the best of what america has to offer, not the crap. Why can't you guys
see what good came out of your own culture?
"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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