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> G Savior != Gundam (for those of you that don't know C or Java, != means
> equal). There is no official link between G Savior and Gundam.. other than
> the fact that both are made by Bandai/Sunrise, both features mechanics,
> both are set in a time period known as U.C (although they may very well
> be the same U.C)
> Eiji

yes, the G is only for the 7th letter of the alphabet since G-Saviour is the
7th ms that developer Jon Saviour made (pretty gay explanation for the name
imho). However, from the plot summary, it does look like it's the same UC
(not to mention it's on the official list in www.gundam.channel.or.jp )....
only that it's on Side 8 (wherever that maybe), and also that there is
mention of Gaia. But I have not read the Gaia Gear novels yet nor have I
seen the movie. But even the MS designs seem to be rooted from F91 an V
(verniers look alike).

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