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><< I read, heard, or saw something (may have been this list) about a live
> action Gundam show. It had live actors (some were American) as the
> pilots and the rest of the thing was cgi. Can anyone shed any lite on
> this. Was it a released or unreleased pilot for a tv show? A tv
> special maybe? Test footage for a movie perhaps? Of course this could
> just be the ramblings of a lunatic. >>
> I believe its the G Savior movie, if I am not mistaken.

G Savior != Gundam (for those of you that don't know C or Java, != means NOT
equal). There is no official link between G Savior and Gundam.. other than
the fact that both are made by Bandai/Sunrise, both features mechanics, and
both are set in a time period known as U.C (although they may very well not
be the same U.C)

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