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> Now, I wish they would release AB Dunbine on DVD in an English subbed
>The more I hear about ABD, the more interested I am to see the series. Is it
>any good?

The original series was quite good, with decent animation for the period.
It also included robot trends seen and not yet seen in Gundam, such as the
heroic prototype (the Dunbine was one of three p-types that never went into
production), the grunt robot (the Drumlo resembles both the Zaku and Dom),
as well as the hero trading up for a newer unit (from Dunbine to Billvine).
It gets over the top near the end, when Aura Battlers reach earth and
realize an exponential increase in power in the new dimension. It ends with
the "peace after apocalypse" ending only anime can deliver.

The OVA was well done, but shows problems common for the time. While the
character design was very good, as were the retconned Dunbine(Sirbine) and
the more demonic Zwarth(more armor spurs, added dragon tail). However, due
to budgetary restrictions, actual animation of the mecha was sacrificed for
more detailed artwork (this was common to a lot of late 80s anime, the
limited MH battles in Five Star Stories being a significant example).

My only real complaints are that it seems much of the original Aura
Phantasm story was glossed over to make a robot show, and that the Aura
Battlers were built for aerial combat, not ground combat (a trend I didn't
like in Zeta, either).


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