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For Design I use: Fireworks 3.0 ($199 USD) & Photoshop 5.0 ($800 USD)

For HTML Layout I use: Dreamweaver 3.0 ($199 USD) & Allaire Cold Fusion
Studio 4.51 ($395 USD) (Same as HomeSite just with CF Support)

Most of the content is database generated and I've built an administration
console that allows me to update portions of the site over the web.

But all in all its still one big headache to manage... :) I try and use
includes everywhere I go so that if I do have to change the layout, I'm only
changing the content in a small group of core files. When a change is a
made, all pages referring to those included files change as well.

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Oh I've got the HTML blues...

We have over 220 htm files, 1300 JPGs, 190 GIFs. One of the folder has
300+ files and in anotherpart of the site, some files are over 8
subdirectories deep. And there are a huge number of cross-links
between the HTMLs. Managing things is getting real crazy.

I have been writing Newtype Asylum using a text editor (if you really have
to know, I am using vi). The images are done using various generic
share/freeware image editors. No scripts, no popups, no frames, no
buttons. No sleep.

A lot of pro-level sites seem to be using custom programs. I can't afford
the time or money to do that. I just need some power tools to help tame
this beast.

Please, what do you guys use? Frontpage? Unix stuffs? Or more esoteric

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