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> >A lot of pro-level sites seem to be using custom programs. I can't
> >the time or money to do that. I just need some power tools to help tame
> >this beast.
> >
> >Please, what do you guys use? Frontpage? Unix stuffs? Or more esoteric
> >programs?
> I've been there....and it's no fun. I suggest going out and purchasing
> Allaire's Homesite. It's only about $90 and fully worth every penny.
> been using it for almost 2 1/2 years and I'll never again turn to another
> program. Dreamweaver is pretty nice if you don't like doing the manual
> coding, but Homesite is definitely the way to go if you are into the
> coding. It will complete tags, automatically place in closing tags, spell
> check, the works!! I highly recommend it. Just my $.02
> justin.

Hey thanks, I've asking Gus about this for some time now. Your info seems
to be just what I need - if you don't mind.....

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