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By all means =)
None of this stuff is my own work, so as long as you're not directly ripping
off my HTML, anyone is welcome to take anything on my site for their own
use. The only thing I ask is that you don't directly link to images on my
site, as it wastes my bandwidth and screws up my stats tracking (i've
already had to e-mail a few people about this).
At the present time, i don't have the time/interest to take out the lyrics,
so the newtype asylum is more than welcome to grab 'em for your own evil
ends <grin>
Also, on an unrelated note, thanks for the link =) I'm getting more
referrals to wingzero from the NA than I am from any search engine, although
the Open Directory project is a close second.

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> > By popular request, I've stuck all of the timed Gundam TV episode, movie, > > and OVA scripts I've been able to find online. This includes the char's > > Wild stuff, dude! Lyrics! Do you mind if I pull out the romanji and > english lyrics and post it on NA? > > Better yet, YOU pull them out and post it on Wingzero.Net. :) > > Name: Core > Patient ID: #1 > Room: > Condition: Critical > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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