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When I started out to make Wingzero I operated under a few assumptions:
1) I didn't care about people running on small/low res monitors (its really
designed for 800x600 at a minimum)
2) I didn't care about anyone on a dialup modem
Since this was something I was doing for fun, I decided from the outlet not
to give myself any grief over trying to make it adhere to some kind of
minimilistic standard. I get really frustrated trying to make sure sites
look okay in all resolutions, color depths, browsers, etc, and for
something that was my entertainment, it's not worth the aggravation to try
and make compromises I'm not interested in making.
I've backtracked on the second one a little bit, and make a bit of an effort
to decrease download times, but it really is designed for highspeed
My HTML is about as simple as it gets, yet I get more compliments in
relation to the design than I do for some of the sites that I slaved for
days over trying to make perfect in all browsers. Its usually:
[center][image][some text][counter][/center]. Nothing complicated, but its
clean, the HTML renders fast, and its easy to read.

That being said, right now I have 1057 files online, probably two thirds of
which are images (I have a few hosted sites not directly related to the
gundam image archive). How do I maintain it?
1) For images, Photoshop. I've been using it since version 3, and its really
an insanely powerful tool once you know how to use it. All headers, logo's,
graphics, banners, buttons, and wallpapers were created with it.
2) For simple edits (adding new buttons, adding to the news page) I just SSH
to my webserver (FreeBSD is life!) and edit the file with a text editor.
3) File maintenence is the same way. Commandline owns j00.
4) For creating any more complicated layouts (i.e. the new scripts page) I
fire up macromedia dreamweaver3. Another commercial product, but for a
WYSIWYG html editor, it produces relatively clean code. I like the
interface, so whenever i need to setup and tweak tables, thats how I do it.
5) For updating the image archives, I've _heavily_ modified a thumbnail
generating script I found on for my own ends. I now have that
running on my webserver so its almost fully automatic for adding new images
to the archive. A few more hours toying with the Perl and i should have it
fully automated.

Now, take all of that in respect to the navigation scheme I'm using. One
central page which links to different, unrelated areas of the site, which
are essentially single pages. I have no navigation buttons for jumping
between seperate areas of the site because its neither complicated enough to
need them, nor am I interested in catering to people who are too lazy to hit
the back button =)

I must say, for anyone running a website, its a hell of a lot easier when
you're also running the webserver ... you have infinitely more flexibility.
If you/anyone wants any detail on how I did something specifically, drop me
an e-mail, I'm more than willing to help out.

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