Wed, 31 May 2000 00:26:38 -0400 (EDT)

Oh I've got the HTML blues...

We have over 220 htm files, 1300 JPGs, 190 GIFs. One of the folder has
300+ files and in anotherpart of the site, some files are over 8
subdirectories deep. And there are a huge number of cross-links
between the HTMLs. Managing things is getting real crazy.

I have been writing Newtype Asylum using a text editor (if you really have
to know, I am using vi). The images are done using various generic
share/freeware image editors. No scripts, no popups, no frames, no
buttons. No sleep.

A lot of pro-level sites seem to be using custom programs. I can't afford
the time or money to do that. I just need some power tools to help tame
this beast.

Please, what do you guys use? Frontpage? Unix stuffs? Or more esoteric

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