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> Now, I wish they would release AB Dunbine on DVD in an English subbed
>The more I hear about ABD, the more interested I am to see the series. Is
>any good?

I have seen the compilations, that cut a 39 episode into just three 55min
OVA, and you thought Gundam was editied! I really liked it it is really
different from the run of the mill mecha show, but then there a lot of
experimental formulas at the time (Xabungle, Orguss and Panzer World Galient
come to mind). It is equal parts D&D and mecha fighting, but the mechas were
not part of the novel that inspired the show. It was good, if you want to
see Escaflowne style fantasy, but almost 20 (whoa reality check, my god!)
years old GET AB Dunbine. The Aura Phantasm OVA is set 700 years after the
main show, is very cool, but much more fantasy, only two AB appear the
Dunbine (renamed, but I can't recall) and the Zwarth, also renamed and
redesigned, they are much different than the TV series, but cooler than all
get out, the AB are bulkier and are animated using a technique similar to
the Omu from Nausicaa with the moving painted plates, visually stunning.

Hope this helps.

I subscribed to P.A. for a year and liked it, for its anime series
>coverage, but needs to be bigger or something.
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