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On Wed, 31 May 2000 00:05:05 GMT, gundam@aeug.org wrote:

> >I've liked a lot of Frank Miller's stuff too, although I'm not as big >a

> >fan of his "Dark Knight Returns" as much as his "Daredevil" stuff.
> My personal favorite Miller stuff would have to be hands down his "Sin
> work, especially the first series with Marv. His work on "300" was great
> well. Not only that, but he is a pretty nice guy (I met him at the San
> Comic Convention "SDCC").

I heard that there's gonna be a "The Dark Knight Returns" sequel. I'll be
there when it comes out on TPB, despite some misgivings about the first one.
Hopefully he won't pull that Catwoman slob thing again (which he regretted,

> Garth is God. End of story. Preacher is my favorite book out right now,
> because of the shock value, the inital shock value pulls you in, the
> story keeps you there. some of his stuff isn't that shocking, such as his

> "Darkness" stuff for Top Cow and his new run on "The Punisher" for
> True, some of his stuff is pure shock value (His book "Dicks", Arseface
> Preacher) but they are just plain funny. Not only that, but he is a
> REALLY nice guy (again, the SDCC)

I have no doubt about it. He seems like the type of guy who has a dark sense
of humour but a strong moral center. My favourite "Preacher" story arc was
the one detailing Jesse's past. That was screwed up. What was it called ?
"All in the Family," I think it was.


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