John Tay (
Tue, 30 May 2000 19:10:52 -0700 (PDT)

For me,

I would choose the kit that i wanted to do, study the
manual & decide which paint i should that i
can concentrate on the building.

I'll follow the instruction, cut up most of the pieces
that needs to be glued. Usually, i will fix up the
legs first. Becos after finishing the legs...i pose
them side by side & visualise what will be the effect
with the body & arms come in. This give me a kinda

Of course, i will apply cement & then sandpaper off
the unsightly lines. Apply a thin layer of the color
first. Let it dry for 1/2 or 1 day.

During this some Gundam anime to boost up
morale & interest.

After dry, then paint over a good coat of the color.

Use marker to draw the panel lines & then finishing it
up with a top coat flat spray to make it look

I would say the most difficult part will be the little
details that needs to be paint especially the head
area & the legs. I learn from the process & apply this
experience to my other kits so that i know which parts
need to be painted first & etc.

Finally...pose it on my shelf with my other done-up
models & admire it. Satisfied & start to think about
the next kit.....

--- Thomas Yung <> wrote:
> > First I'd gleefully look at the selection of kits
> I have, and choose which
> > one I want to do. After that I'd gleefully open
> the package, and study
> the
> > manuel... basically look at the color guide, and
> look at the pictures.
> Then
> > judging from these pictures, I see what paints i
> need to purchase.
> Anyways,
> > afterwards, I start with the building. Usually
> this takes a couple days,
> > considering I never do it all in one sitting. I'm
> never patient enough to
> > sit there and watch the paint dry. So I'd paint
> one part, and just leave
> it
> > there for a day or two until I'm in the mood to
> finish. Well once it's
> done,
> > I'd tell all my friends, write a review... and
> pose it up on a shelf next
> to
> > my other models. That's about it. Apparently I
> have this thing about
> having
> > at least three kits to choose from. What about
> you guys?
> >
> > ~Andy Lee
> Well, I don't know about anybody else but for me,
> I'd normally buy multiples
> of the same kit, my friends (Da Big Guy & Lurky)
> thinks I'm nuts and spend
> my money foolishly, but hey, it's something I like
> and enjoy. When I'm
> ready to start building, I pick a kit at random,
> build it as is. If it's
> okay enough for me to bear looking at, I then paint
> it. If I like it
> enough, I'd then grab another of the same kit,
> !!
> Thomas Yung
> Master 'Grader' not 'Bater'
> > CookSuxXL
> >
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