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> between the limbs, kinda hard to describe what my problem is. Anyways,
> do you people paint small areas to a precision? I use a toothpick dipped
> paint to get these areas, but it's not really precise. I usually don't
> the steady hand to do it. Any advice?
> ~Andy Lee
> CookSuxXL

hrmm.. are you talking about the parts on the arm where you see underneath
the rings of armour?
generally, i would use a brush instead of a toothpick because the tip is
even smaller than a toothpick and there's more control. but if you don't
have a steady hand, try using masking fluid (or tape if you have the time to
cut it to fit exactly). either way works. another way, is to use enamel on
one spot and acrylic on the other spot. that way, when you use the
respective thinner to take away the paint, it will only remove either the
overflowed enamel or vice versa.


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