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Tue, 30 May 2000 16:03:08 -0700

hrmm.. rituals eh.. I don't know if it's rituals so much or a procedures
for me.

> First I'd gleefully look at the selection of kits I have, and choose which
> one I want to do. After that I'd gleefully open the package, and study
> manuel...

you know what?? i find this part ALWAYS the hardest. since i usually
would want to build a kit while i'm rewatching the particular series.
however, some MS/MA look better than the way they are portrayed in the TV
series (i.e. Bau looked really good for me as a modeller, but since it was
treated like trash due to Gremi, it would make me not want to build it as
much as let's say... Quebeley)

After, I start doing temporary putting together (usually takes at least a
day or two because it takes so long to cut all the rods off), look at the
kit, play around with it, see what proportions/parts needs to be modified.
Then the kit would just sit there for a bit while I am trying to make the
extra parts. Afterwards, another 2 days or so would be used to take stuff
apart, modify, put together again to see effect, etc... After that is done
(maybe about a week/2 weeks). The painting starts. Altogether, it takes
about a month. But during this month, while I'm building, I will have the
TV on running that series (for reference) <-- This is a must for me! Even
just listening to the talking helps... (unless it's El Piano).


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