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> In a message dated 5/30/00 3:53:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> oom9@crosswinds.net writes:
> > I was going through a Gundam Wing board when I read that apparentally
> > night on Conan O' Brien it showed Conan's head superimposed over the
> original
> > RX-78 Gundam. I'm not too clear on the details...does anybody else know

> about
> > this?
> >
> Oh man that would be so dope. I wish I had seen that.

Yes, it's true. It did happen on one episode. In fact, they tend to sneak in
some anime every now and then into their skits. I'm not sure if Conan is a
fan, but I'm sure at least one of the staff is.


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