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<< I think you're confusing them with, which is a subsidary of
 the Splash Comic page.
 Gundamshop is a subsidiary of Outer Limits Toys. >>

 oh, oops your are right, sorry about that. I had a bad experince with Outer
Limits Toys a few years ago. I think it was just the person who handled my
order. I'll try to keep it short.

  I sent a money order and after giving my order enough time(almost a month)
and called when a I did not receive my order. First, I was told they did not
receive my money, ran a trace on it at the post officie and it had been
cashed! Then I called back and told my order was misplaced and he said give
him a day or two to find it, which I did. Finally, after going around in
circles, of it was there, it wasn't, it was mis placed, etc.

  Finally, after getting fed up, I had my Mom talk to them(was under 18 back
then) and she took care of it. Was told I would get a free item for all my
trouble, which I didn't receive, I finally received my order. I didn't care
about not getting the free item as all I wanted was what I paid for. The guy
was very rude the last 2 calls as well.

  Hopefully, this was just bad luck. I have yet to order from them again, as
I have found what I wanted better else where. Their flat $5 shipping fee is
nice. I will order from them again, soon, as their kit prices are decent.


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