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> > 1.) I like the american style of storytelling. one thing about
> > gundam is that the pacing and editing is a bit too slow sometimes.

What you are used to from American TV and movies is people
chopping out all the thinking and spoonfeeding you the answers
because you can only sit in the theater for 2 hours, because they
want to show their 'pretend SF' movie 5 or 6 times a day, so the
plot got left out, and the eye candy, and cute crap got left in... We
can't cut the secnes where Arne says Aslt la vista, and we can't
cut back body count or explosions... but we can cut say background
and story to ribbons...

> > 2.) Hard sci-fi, as in really technical...and showing solutions
> > based on science facts.

Hard SF doesn't make it to production without money, MJ Strazinski
told Warner Brothers B5 was going to be Casablanca in space, they
gave him money to shoot it... Real Hardcore stuff never makes it onto
the screen, and it won't, because people are too dumb to enjoy it, yes
you can have realistic SF, and realistic Fiction, like Apollo 13, but no
Hard stuff will ever make it in... You might see glimpses like when the
Saint beat the crap out of Mission Impossible by using a thermal suit
to defeat a temperature sensing room. Gattica played at being hard
but in the end only had the trappings, its soul was just sleepy feel good
movie story with SF pieces.

> > 3.) killer soundtrack as the action is happening, as in rock and
> > roll.

Funny except for cult movies, very few movies EXCEPT for CRAP
ever use rock music in their soundtrack... Why, because its always
outdated 5-10 years later... Anybody own Gundam Soundtracks, I
have a few, and I always forward past the 'love song' crap, and 'rock'
music if there is any... Star Wars, 2001, Ben Hur, Spartacus, classic
movies have Soundtracks, not Rock Albums... Casablanca had its
own music which would normally date except the period of the story
is timeless... and it was an important part of the story. Rock blaring
with no story reason for it means nothing, the music in the Matrix was
basically subdued vocals, and techno-industrial beat and it basically
fit the mood, mood music doesn't date.

> > 4.) get away from the sentai characters, and go for american style
> > characterizations, involving dialogue and reversals that are not so
> > theatric.

Unless you mean like 'Usual Suspects' American characterizations blow.
Action movie characterizations always blow, and the characters are 2D
most of the time... Cop, Crazy Cop, Cop Father, Ex Special Forces Cop.
Sit down some time and watch some of this great American characterization
you tout so much, and see if you can name every character by their role
or stereotype...

> > 5.) gritty, realistic action -- as realistic as it can get anyway.

Once every 40 years or so you get a Private Ryan, or the Killer, but
really people have to try so hard to get that right, that most don't even
try... The first few minutes of Gladiator were worth most of the price
of admission... As a camera trick to show the confusion of war, the
camera bobbed about like the cameraman had nowhere to stand, but
before they wound it up like that, it was very gritty, and realistic... Make
sure when you say "gritty" you don't mean "gratuitous"

> > basically, I don't like the dragging pace that gundam is sometimes
> > notorious for. Also, I'd like american humor in can only
> > take so much of teenagers walking into naked females.

Guess what they are selling to kids... kids don't get American humor
unless its in one of those dumb-ass Disney movies... Personally I'd
love a more adult Gundam, Char's Counterattack without Quess is
probably too much to hope for, but I digress...


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