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<< Well I'm no expert, but I have taken to going home Friday
 nights, pulling out the PG Gundam box, pulling the right few
 sprues, and watching Farscape. I have a set of orange snips
 that are made for sprue cutting, much better than an Xacto
 knife, or Nail Clippers... I'll watch a little TV, and get ready
 for my Saturday Gundam Game... I usually work until the
 midnight Toonami block is over, so I get about 5 hours of
 work done every Friday night...
 So far I've built the Head, an Arm, and a Leg of the PG. I
 am only building the mechanics without the Armor so I can
 draw a Cutaway illustration of it. There hasn't been a good
 one of those in 20 years, the original looked more like a
 wiring diagram than the guts of a fighting machine.

im into the meditating and hot tea ritual before i spend hours and hours...on
my HG's =) still an amateur lol...

(j/p on the meditating and hot tea...though both of them are pretty good for
you i think)


"The first principle of the Shinsengumi is that it is unworthy to deviate
from the warrior's path. A warrior does not know how to flee before the
--Saitou Hajime

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