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> Oop, one thing tho, the hard SF suggestion didn't fall under any of my
> criticism but, personally I'd rather watch improbable giant robots than break
> out the textbooks....

Hard SF doesn't necessarily mean textbooks. Whereas improbable giant robots
only holds so much interest with me (not counting Gundam which is the most
probable out of them all), hard SF is just being accurate, usually about
something that we can only guess at now. So, 70 years ago "Top Gun" would be
hard SF if it were a movie since nobody had jets like that. But you will agree
that if you lived back then that the images would have blown your mind. And
they would be accurate. What's wrong with realistic? I like to imagine being
able to do things like that, being able to live long enough to see that stuff
happen. But something like "Judge Dredd" doesn't look realistic to me for 5
seconds so I don't care.


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