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Blackeagle wrote:

> >Maybe our stories are being told too fast. We are so used to having
> This is probably the biggest weaknesses of American episodic television.

You're telling me. The only reason I watch anything that isn't sports or some
sort of historical show is to see just how little the latest cute actresses can
get away with wearing (or not wearing, as the case may be). I'm all for that
but I'd like a decent story, too. "Law & Order" is the only show that I've run
across that even attempts to be intelligent without dipping into risque
bullshit to attract viewers. And Angie Harmon is the most amazing looking
woman around, so I get the best of both worlds there.

> >I agree, Gundam is one of the best. Name another show that depicts
> >weightlessness, or avoids sci fi fantasies like warp speed. (Face it-

None, actually.

> I think you tend to see more 'hard' science fiction in Anime than you do on
> American TV (the only even semi-hard SF show in the US was Babylon 5).
> However, even Anime is way behind written SF.

Yes, and there is certainly a place in movies and anime for "2001" type
stories, stories that make you think, that are interesting and, as far as we
can hope, technically accurate. Look at "Magnetic Rose" in the "Memories"
boxset. That's intriguing, it's pretty realistic, just some action at the end,
if you can call that action. But it was far more engrossing than, say, "Speed

> >>Imagine if all those cars didn't explode in movies - it wouldn't be as
> >>exciting... Good storytelling and a good time over realism anyday. It
> >>just
> >>doesn't look as good as it should if you do it that way...
> >

As it "should"? What the hell does that mean? The best car chase still ever
filmed was from "Bullitt" ("Ronin" comes a close second), not because it had
the most cars exploding or the most contrived, bullshit stunts (ramps,
streetcars, power poles, etc.), which it didn't, but because you could believe
that that would really happen. It had the best cars, too. When a car hit
another car, the two would just crunch and spin. Just like it would happen to
you. No nitrogycerine cars to blow up just because it would look "good".
That's crap. Exciting is tension, it's drama. It's not pyro effects.

> >"Saving Private Ryan" gritty realism? Ah, this is the big dilemma. If
> >these shows were realistic, we should be disgusted by the violence,
> >killing and death. (or at least I hope we would be...) SP Ryan was a
> >good movie but it didn't excite me to buy action figures, and think
> >about joining the army to kill people. (But I want to be a Mobile
> >Suit pilot...)

As stupid as the ending in "Schindler's List" was, the gritty realism is
exactly what made the gunplay real. The first time I watched the German
soldier pop that kid in the head and she just dropped and bled on the street
I was hoping they wouldn't show me another person get shot again. That's doing
it right. Compare that to a piece of crap like "Commando" where Arnold hits
everybody within a quarter mile and they can't hit him no matter how many guns
they use. I was ready to go to sleep. Compare "Alien" to "Species". Both
have similar antagonists and designs yet "Alien" scared the shit out of me when
I first saw it and "Species" made me wish they'd just get it over with and show
me more of Natasha nude.


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