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> Some of us are drawn to anime precisely
> because we are tired of getting beaten over the head by exactly the
> kind of mindnumbing crap that American movies are full of. If you

I sorta agree... All of the stuff that the original poster thought would add
to Gundam would result in me, for one, not liking it, and pretty much having
the additude of "Why'd they waste all those cool kits on that typical-ass
piece of crap?" Mainstream american media shit is just that. (For the most
part, of course) I'd have to say that the worst suggestion tho, IMHO, is
rock music. I hate rock music. Someone else mentioned the matrix, in which
I thought the use of music was good. But precisely _because_ the bulk of the
music was electronic. I'm sorry, but squelchy synthesizers and breakbeats
are a lot more interesting and actionesque (For lack of a better word) than
say, AC/DC. Anyways, just my 2 cents

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