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> 1.) I like the american style of storytelling. one thing about
> gundam is that the pacing and editing is a bit too slow sometimes.

I don't personally see how Gundam drags, unless you are one of those
people who just cant stand to listen to dialog unless someone is
shooting at someone else.

> 2.) Hard sci-fi, as in really technical...and showing solutions
> based on science facts.

I don't see how Hard sci-fi can even be attributed to American
cinema. I can only think of 10 movies ever made that even come close
to being hard science fiction, and of those I can only come up with 3
that were directed by an American. Given this, I have a feeling that
you mean something quite different than hard science fiction.

> 3.) killer soundtrack as the action is happening, as in rock and
> roll.

Oh, yes that is exactly what Gundam really needs, Guns and Roses

> 4.) get away from the sentai characters, and go for american style
> characterizations, involving dialogue and reversals that are not so
> theatric.

You mean nice understated characters like the rather normal guy in
Lethal Weapon, or perhaps less theatrical characters like Darth
Vader? <more sarcasm> Seriously, I don't see how anyone who has grown
up on the pap we get shoved down our throats here in America can say
what you're saying with a straight face.

> 5.) gritty, realistic action -- as realistic as it can get anyway.

The more I read the more confused I get. So far you have listed
several elements that you maintain are staples of the American film
diet, yet I can not come up with a single American film that fits all
of this criteria. Could you please give us some idea what you
consider "gritty, realistic action."

> 6.) "western" editing style, cut to cuts, etc. not the panning
> or the insertion of a screaming face stuff. explosions,
> explosions, explosions with people jumping slow motion out of the
> way....

Once again I have a hard time seeing how this does not apply to
American films just as well as it does to anime.

> basically, I don't like the dragging pace that gundam is sometimes
> notorious for. Also, I'd like american humor in it...one can only
> take so much of teenagers walking into naked females.

And I can only take so many cute catch phrases before the
indestructible action hero delivers the final blow that causes an
entire 10 block radius to burst into a giant gasoline fireball. Here
is a tip, don't watch anime! Some of us are drawn to anime precisely
because we are tired of getting beaten over the head by exactly the
kind of mindnumbing crap that American movies are full of. If you
want something with an mainstream American sensibility, I can assure
you there is plenty of it out there, so could you please just
leave Gundam out of that. I like Gundam precisely because of what it
is, and would hate to ever see it "Americanized!"

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