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>Maybe our stories are being told too fast. We are so used to having
>everything wrap up in 30 or 60 min. There is never anytime for
>characters to just interact with other without having to advance some
>crazy new plot only for it to quickly resolve itself just in time for
>everything to return to normal for the next instalment.

This is probably the biggest weaknesses of American episodic television.

>> > 2.) Hard sci-fi, as in really technical...and showing solutions based
>> > facts.
>>I don't see this in comics - I really think the Japs are more advanced in
>>this aspect on the commercial side - esp. in Gundam and other anime. I
>>hardly think Star Wars or Starship Troopers were movies of hard sci-fi
>>excellence. They were glitzy... Same goes for many shown on TV.
>I agree, Gundam is one of the best. Name another show that depicts
>weightlessness, or avoids sci fi fantasies like warp speed. (Face it-
>excepting thousand-year-long generation-ship voyages the human race
>is stuck in this solar system.)
>And I hope you're not referring to Star Trek's technobabble as story
>solutions based on facts.

I think you tend to see more 'hard' science fiction in Anime than you do on
American TV (the only even semi-hard SF show in the US was Babylon 5).
However, even Anime is way behind written SF.


>>Imagine if all those cars didn't explode in movies - it wouldn't be as
>>exciting... Good storytelling and a good time over realism anyday. It
>>doesn't look as good as it should if you do it that way...
>"Saving Private Ryan" gritty realism? Ah, this is the big dilemma. If
>these shows were realistic, we should be disgusted by the violence,
>killing and death. (or at least I hope we would be...) SP Ryan was a
>good movie but it didn't excite me to buy action figures, and think
>about joining the army to kill people. (But I want to be a Mobile
>Suit pilot...)

I'm a gritty and realistic guy all the way . . . though I can certanly see
why it's not good for the toy tie ins.

>Gundam's not really known for it's humor. Now Patlabor...there's some
>real funny stuff in that show!

I LOVE Patlabor! What's interesting to me is that how it often manages to
be funny and serious at the same time.


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