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>I don't think this is the place for this. I know that I don't want the GML
>to turn into E-bay.

I agree, it gets to be a mess, is totally given over to
wheeling and dealing.

>Auctions also annoy me since you can often find rare kits like that for
>to nothing in Japan. I just got an equally rare LT. Jeanne in Armor model
>Mandarake in Shibuya for $6

Many of the old kits are being rerun in Japan, and thatshould bring the
prices down but many will get a 600yen kit, and try to pass it off as a 1982
issue with a $400 price. I am not saying this is the case here, but
hardcasers would be ranting.

>It's all of these auctions that have driven the price of Macross and
>Mospeada toys out of the reach of most fans.

Good Lord Yes, remember when the 1/200 Macross Kits by Nitto/HBUE were
$3-$8, instead of $70-$500??? Sadly, if it was reissued in Japan, the US
cost would still be the same, and more because all of the auction Junkies.

 sorry to rant but this is a pet
>peeve of mine. ^_-

You have hit a personal chord in many who remember the 1980's, kits may have
been hard to find here, but you could afford them, and actually get on
rather than distributors buying like three, and actioning them offf for more
than they could a case at retail, we the customers were appreciated.

To the Poster with the kit, I am not bashing you, nor did I say don't do it,
am sure you are just trying to make an offer that works fairly, but too many
unscrupulous souls have begun to give a bad impression. I however am willing
to say have fun and enjoy your endeavour.

>---Brett Jensen
>lemon wrote:
>> I have an unbuilt plastic kit of the Sol (red) Bioroid from Southern
>> Cross that I aquired many years ago (I was going to use it for my Eldar
>> army in WH40K, but I changed my mind). I was thinking of putting it up
>> for auction on E-bay, but I thought I'd offer it to the GML crew first
>> (since we are all mech-heads in one way or another). The box and
>> contents are in perfect condition, no parts have been taken off the
>> sprues, it even still has the little teeny tiny tube of glue that used
>> to come with Japanese models back in the 70's and 80's.
>> Here's how I'll do it; e-mail me directly with your bid, and I'll post
>> the most recent bid as an OT posting on this list (so it's anonymous
>> who's doing the bidding). I'll reply directly to the top bidder if
>> his/her bid is currently the top bid (if you don't get a personal e-mail
>> from me when I post the current top bid, it isn't you). We'll start at
>> $50 (US), and work in increments of $5 (US). I'll keep the auction open
>> until Saturday night at midnight/Sunday morning (12:00am PST). I'll
>> inform the winner sometime on Sunday and we'll work out the shipping
>> details. I'll accept only Money Orders in US Dollars as payment (when
>> this is all over).
>> I'm only doing this because it's just been sitting on my shelf for a
>> few years (not getting built), and I'm sure there's someone out there
>> who's a bigger Southern Cross fan than I am.
>> Trevor in California
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