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When I watched the movie in Japan, I was led to believe (assume) that what
the letter meant was that they took the technology from the Axis mobile
suits (i.e. Quebeley's funnel system etc...). Because I don't recall any
direct talk saying that "Char developed Nu Gundam" in the movie.

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> > OK, I am having an argument with a friend of mine who speaks
> > Japanese, and swears that nowhere in the CCA movie do they say that
> > Char provided the Psycoframe technology for the Nu. Now I have the
> > LD, but I can't find my translated script anywhere. So I was
> > wondering if someone could tell me which scene they mention this in,
> > or what book says this?
> >
> October says in a letter to Chen (when he sent her the sample piece
> of psycho frame) that he (they) didn't develope it, and he believes the
> person that gave them the technology was Neo Zion. And later, during
> the last Amuro/Char battle, Char mentions something about it (not
> directly, I don't think), and says something to the effect of "there's
> no point in defeating boring mobile suits" ("tsumarani mobile suits ni
> katsu imi wa nai", or something like that - haven't seen it in quite a
> while).
> On a side note, in the PSX game of CCA, there is a cut scene where
> Char is overlooking some plans for the psycho frame or the Nu Gundam (I
> forget which), but I forget what the dialogue was (again, haven't played
> it for a while - not in story mode, anyway).
> Trevor in California
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