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> BTW, I've been wondering... In 0083, we see the hijacking of the
>cylinder. Cima's Marines/ engineers spun the cylinders together, then the
>two rebounded off each other. The one that went Earthwards should be
>spinning faster than usual and moving at a tangent -- I assume that the
>calculations are such that the tangent sends the cylinder into a suitable
>trajectory towards the moon.
> But the spin? IIRC, the later (brief) shots of the cylinder
>seem to show the cylinder spinning. Did Delaz/ Cima stop the cylinder's
>to prevent damage, or was it left out because it was too much to animate?

Well, once one of the mirrors was destroyed, the cylinder's spin would have
been unstable. Not only would the new axis of rotation been off center, but
it wouldn't even be paralell to the long axis of the cylinder. Cima
probably had to get rid of the spin in order to succesfully ignite the

> I seemed to have asked about the other cylinder sometime back too,
>but couldn't remember where it would have ended up... =)
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