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>Of course, you still have to move all that atmospheric mass somehow,
>somewhere. It may not have gone from Side 1 (L5) to Side 3 (L2) with the
>cylinders. It may have been re-distributed among the surviving Side 1
>populace, with Side 3 cylinders donating air to replenish them on the other

        Good point. It probably make more sense for the atmosphere to be
passed to the other cylinders for use, rather then push all that mass all
over the system.

>If the cylinder falls from west-to-east, it's following the orbit of the
>Moon and thus the "path of least resistance" -- you don't have to bust a
>gut overcoming both the cylinder's inertia and the orbital velocity that it
>already has.

        So.. you are saying that the main reason why a colony crash will
tend to be west-to-east is because the colonies were moving west to east to
begin with, and hence will take less energy to get them going? Make sense.
It's sometimes hard to keep the perspective that everything up there is

        BTW, I've been wondering... In 0083, we see the hijacking of the
cylinder. Cima's Marines/ engineers spun the cylinders together, then the
two rebounded off each other. The one that went Earthwards should be
spinning faster than usual and moving at a tangent -- I assume that the
calculations are such that the tangent sends the cylinder into a suitable
trajectory towards the moon.

        But the spin? IIRC, the later (brief) shots of the cylinder doesn't
seem to show the cylinder spinning. Did Delaz/ Cima stop the cylinder's spin
to prevent damage, or was it left out because it was too much to animate?

        I seemed to have asked about the other cylinder sometime back too,
but couldn't remember where it would have ended up... =)

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