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L. M. Lloyd wrote:
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> OK, I am having an argument with a friend of mine who speaks
> Japanese, and swears that nowhere in the CCA movie do they say that
> Char provided the Psycoframe technology for the Nu. Now I have the
> LD, but I can't find my translated script anywhere. So I was
> wondering if someone could tell me which scene they mention this in,
> or what book says this?

  October says in a letter to Chen (when he sent her the sample piece
of psycho frame) that he (they) didn't develope it, and he believes the
person that gave them the technology was Neo Zion. And later, during
the last Amuro/Char battle, Char mentions something about it (not
directly, I don't think), and says something to the effect of "there's
no point in defeating boring mobile suits" ("tsumarani mobile suits ni
katsu imi wa nai", or something like that - haven't seen it in quite a
  On a side note, in the PSX game of CCA, there is a cut scene where
Char is overlooking some plans for the psycho frame or the Nu Gundam (I
forget which), but I forget what the dialogue was (again, haven't played
it for a while - not in story mode, anyway).

        Trevor in California

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