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Yeah and Ill add a few things here.. Howzabout an ADULT experienced gundam pilot as the
hero(25 the Youngest), lets face it most jet pilots in our military arent under 21..
Heck Ive never seen an african-american as a lead or major supporting gundam pilot.(Then
again Ive havent seen all the gundams yet).. Id also like the gundams to be no more than
8-10 meters tall... I think the benefit of mechs over a certain size has diminishing
returns in performance.. Id like to see more redesigned cockpits for the suits. More like
the brainwave system in MacrossPlus. I think by the time we can make mechs that walk
upright , we should have an interface thats more natural. Whats the point of piloting a
mech with joysticks, when you want to think how it moves, and see thru the Gundams

> basically, I don't like the dragging pace that gundam is sometimes notorious
> for. Also, I'd like american humor in can only take so much of teenagers
> walking into naked females.
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