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>What sort of american stories/styles/concepts are you referring to?

1.) I like the american style of storytelling. one thing about gundam is that
the pacing and editing is a bit too slow sometimes.

2.) Hard sci-fi, as in really technical...and showing solutions based on science

3.) killer soundtrack as the action is happening, as in rock and roll.

4.) get away from the sentai characters, and go for american style characterizations,
involving dialogue and reversals that are not so theatric.

5.) gritty, realistic action -- as realistic as it can get anyway.

6.) "western" editing style, cut to cuts, etc. not the panning or the insertion
of a screaming face stuff. explosions, explosions, explosions with people jumping
slow motion out of the way....

basically, I don't like the dragging pace that gundam is sometimes notorious
for. Also, I'd like american humor in can only take so much of teenagers
walking into naked females.
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