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>Gundam villains features many archetype during its long history. I'll offer
>some analysis of some of the characters from Gundam, 0080, 0083, Zeta, ZZ,
>F91, Victory, Wing.
>Mobile Suit Gundam:


>Jerid Messa: the perpetual loser. I mean, why is he test driving a Mk. II
>in the beganning of the show? Data gathering, shakedown and acceptance test
>of Mk. II should have been completed at least 6 months prior to the
>beganning of Zeta. And since Mk. II is a proof of concept mobile suit, it
>is never intended to be mass produced. One thing that is a bit different
>about Jerid, as the show progresses, his actual piloting skill does improved
>to match somewhat that of Camille Vidam. Even as Camille is expressing his
>laten Newtype power, Jerid seemed to have "volunteered" to undergo limited
>Strengthen Human procedure so he can pilot Bound Doc. He also has the honor
>of piloting 10 different models of mobile suit, destroying most of them, all
>in one year. This effort ties Char's career, which is 17 years long, and
>Jerid did it in 1 year.

Does that make Jerid a bigger loser than Kou? ^_^


>Chronocle Asher: another Char/Jerid mixtured clone. Char-like for his habit
>of wearing a mask. Jerid for his really awful luck against the hero.
>Really don't have much of a redeming value.
>Katejina Loos: unlike the abrupt character change of Gremmi Toto in ZZ
>Gundam, her descend into bloodlust is gradual and understandable. Zanscare
>Empire is founded upon a cult, and she can rationalized her action every
>step of the way, including the first attempt to "pacified" Earth.

Is this the woman that looks just like Nina Purpleton?


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