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Well, the design inside the book throughout was Katoki based. Their only
explanation was that each different wing types were derived from different
sources of info (i.e. Kalaba vs. space). However, is there anyway other
than to scratch build the flying armour... kinda feeling lazy lately


> >Hello all,
> >I have a question about the HG Zeta gundam. I have had this kit since =
> >it came out but till now, i still don't understand why they made Z-plus =
> >wings for it?!? Are there B-club replacement parts to change the Wave =
> >Shooter mode to Wave Rider mode (in other words, are there Flying Armour
> >accessories?). Also, is there any way to buy the large beam rifle too?
> >
> >V
> I think that's because the Z+ came out before it did, and they based the
> of the HG Zeta from the Z+. Probably a stab at retcon development. I
> know if it was a katoki remake.
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