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Dear List:-

> > >>Fed
> > >>
> > >>"You've got it wrong - I'm not locked in here with you..
> > >>You're locked in here with ME!!!"
> > >
> > >Do we have a Watchmen fan here?
> >
> >"Who watches the Watchmen?"
> >
> >I love that series. For me it was one of the LANDMARK comicbooks of the
> >time.
> >"Magic is the hand of faith..."

No argument from me, it's the one comic book that shows the possibility of such
medium (I am not a big fan of MAUS and Love & Rockets...). It's a tie with V
for Vendetta in my opinion, sometimes I like V more but on other occasions may
consider Watchmen superior. Incredible stuff.

> >Richard Ramos
> Ah, the Watchmen, Alan Moore's best work in my opinion. Another book that's
> out now that is similar to " The Watchmen" is Top Cow's "Rising Stars" Good
> book.

I also liked Alan Moore's Miracle Man a lot (more than Neil Gaiman's). To bad
contractual disputes has kept this amazing series in limbo.

> -Jay


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