Paul Fields (
Mon, 29 May 2000 21:51:37 -0400

> well, I am going to get a few of these things, should I get the RGM-79(G)
> from 08th MS Team, RGM-79GS space use from 0080, or the RGM-79G GM Command
> from 0080? They all have the same basic structure, so I am wonder which
> is better?

Well the (G) from 08th MS team isn't too similar to the
other two you mentioned, the 0080 GMs are basically
the same kit in different colors... However another idea
might be to buy the 08th MS team GM Sniper since its
the same kit as the Ground type, but you get more guns
and the Asparas, and stuff...

Or get one sniper, and one 0080 kit so you know basically
what all four kits are like.


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