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> From: Winn Sevilla
> I'm kinda browsing through an ms encyclopedia and i've noticed some
> things about neo zeon's MS.
> they have quite many mobile suits compared to the AEUG and it seems in
> terms of firepower, wit, technology and sheer quantities, neo zeon seems
> to have the upper hand. and they have a lot of mobile suits that have
> heavy attack capabilities and equipped with funnel equipment and those
> mass produced quebley types.
> but the ZZ and the gundam team have only firepower...
> So why did they fail to defeat the AEUG?
> I've read that there was this "revolt" inside their ranks? is that the
> reason?

There really isn't an AEUG left at ZZ Gundam. AEUG has won their civil war
against Titan, and their political elements are now in control of Earth
Federation Forces. Fighting Axis isn't exactly high in their priority,
clearing Titan remants (as told in Gundam Sentinal) is their top priority.

Up until the Neo Zeon civil war, Axis has secured their primary goal,
restoration of Zeon regime at Side 3. They were never intending on
conquering Earth or other territories. The reason they attack other sides
and Earth is to pressure Earth Federation on absolving Zeon Republic.
Having done that with the colony drop on Dublin, they withdraw from Earth
back to Side 3.

The "AEUG" elements we saw in the show Agahma really didn't accomplish much
other than being a slight hindrance to Axis's goal. The beginning of the
end for Neo Zeon is the civil war that saw a formidable army wiping itself
off. In the end, the Gundam Team and Neo Agahma managed to play both side
against each other, and Judo Ashito was able to defeat Haman Kahn.

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