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Well, even with anime being a little less restricted than American
animation, the good guys still always have to win(Although in some Gundams,
like 0083, they don't)
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Subject: [gundam] why neo zeon failed?

> I'm kinda browsing through an ms encyclopedia and i've noticed some
> things about neo zeon's MS.
> they have quite many mobile suits compared to the AEUG and it seems in
> terms of firepower, wit, technology and sheer quantities, neo zeon seems
> to have the upper hand. and they have a lot of mobile suits that have
> heavy attack capabilities and equipped with funnel equipment and those
> mass produced quebley types.
> but the ZZ and the gundam team have only firepower...
> So why did they fail to defeat the AEUG?
> I've read that there was this "revolt" inside their ranks? is that the
> reason?
> i'm not saying that the AEUG be destroyed or whatsoever, but hey, its a
> waste of that many ms...
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