Winn Sevilla (
Tue, 30 May 2000 07:07:34 +0800

I'm kinda browsing through an ms encyclopedia and i've noticed some
things about neo zeon's MS.

they have quite many mobile suits compared to the AEUG and it seems in
terms of firepower, wit, technology and sheer quantities, neo zeon seems
to have the upper hand. and they have a lot of mobile suits that have
heavy attack capabilities and equipped with funnel equipment and those
mass produced quebley types.

but the ZZ and the gundam team have only firepower...

So why did they fail to defeat the AEUG?
I've read that there was this "revolt" inside their ranks? is that the

i'm not saying that the AEUG be destroyed or whatsoever, but hey, its a
waste of that many ms...

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